Female Masterbation Expert Waves Her Wand

Betty Dodson Female masterbation

Betty Dodson, the famous sex educator, liberated orgasms and introduced women to the magic of electrical vibrators. Ever since, she has taught woman worldwide how to harness these intense vibrations through female masterbation.

Betty Dodson says: “I have experimented with many different styles of vibrators, but concluded that the Magic Wand from Hitachi was the best.

I ran groups in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Oslo, where we had to use converters which shortened the life of the vibrator. No one had made a European model, and still, women demanded their wands.

After decades this has changed! A women engineer from Denmark has taken the sexual well being of the European women seriously and created a wand for them.

Finally our European sisters have their own wand. The Europeans haven’t been waiting in vain since Europe Magic Wand is a big improvement over the existing models!

I can’t wait to see what else the team behind Europe Magic Wand will come up with next.

Happy World Wide Orgasms”

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